Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In Wild Wild St Marys

Andrea Macko in her editorial in the St Marys Journal Argus writes:

The Pyramid Centre. Will it or won't it be built? Construction has began, but if Andrew Atlin and company has their way, it just may not be. Like it or not, we seemed to be past it once and for all, and now we're back in a quagmire.

The showdown is comparable to one of those old Technicolor Westerns, except that Main Street has been replaced by the arena's parking lot and it's difficult to tell who's wearing the black Stetson and who's wearing the white one. You can almost hear the rattlesnakes and see the tumbleweed blowing by as each side sizes each other up and tries to guess at motives and who will draw first.

Town councillors are bound by an informal gag order, like kidnapped womenfolk in their calico dresses stashed away at the saloon, while the townspeople search high and low for answers from Town staff, who have provided measured responses through ads and, some would say, silence. Atlin is the rogue, with sparkling spurs and seemingly endless rounds of ammo just waiting to be fired.

But the ending may not be Hollywood-perfect. Feelings have been hurt, opinions ignored and lovers of 'The Town Worth Living In' scorned. Room for a sequel? We'll see come election time in November.


Blogger stmarysarena said...

Andrea Macko may not be able to tell who's wearing the white and black hats but but she's sure got it right about who the kidnapped womenfolk in their calico dresses are. They were kidnapped January 14, 2004 when Living Life Project was presented in-camera and never escaped.

I'm not sure there's a gag order though. Isn't silence the normal state of affairs for this council?

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